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broken body

"I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep."


I loved this scene so much. The actors play off this pairing as flirty and adorable in a way the characters really weren’t in the novels IMO. 

That said, when she said the line, “Girls see more blood than boys,” my husband was all confused and like, “What, warrior women, she means?”

So I just looked at him and started listing off, “Blood from their periods every month, maybe blood from sex, blood from childbirth, blood from tending and washing the wounded and dead…That’s been true for most of womankind all through history.”

And he got very, very quiet.


do you ever just

stare into space and be like

oh my god i have no idea what my actual personality is

you miss it.

#i love the sweat on his forehead in this shot #how you can see the physical toll this all took on him #and still he said nothing #just stared into the darkness and took it until he got what he wanted #i also just love how reckless he gets when sherlock is in his sights #for so long he was the consulting criminal #the spider at the center of the web who did little himself #only planned #but for sherlock he throws himself out there #physically and all #and it’s so fucking risky and reckless and unlike him #so unlike the cold distance it took to drown carl powers via his eczema cream #it makes me emotional how he closes the distance that characterizes his career when he approaches sherlock #and the slips away from his usual cool calculations just gesture towards the fact that he’s ready to die #sherlock is the exception and the hope of release from everything #dlkgmdfg i’m so glad sherlock redeemed himself in moriarty’s eyes in the end #i don’t know what he would have done if sherlock had just been another of life’s disappointments #ugh it’s not just that he wanted to die #he wanted to die knowing sherlock was HIS LIKENESS HIS HELP HIS OTHER SELF #(that was a paradise lost quote sorry i’m not over the adam-and-eve thing yet) #the final problem was as much about loneliness as it was about staying alive imo #he needed both to be solved and sherlock was the possibility of both for him #this fucking character#this fucking ship #this fucking life #end me now.


∞ Scenes of Sherlock

[Sherlock, I don’t want to lose you again.]


Oh honey, that’s just how old houses are. They settle. They sometimes creak or groan, or quietly weep, or demand blood sacrifice in voices that sounds like the fluttering wings of a thousand moths. It’s just the house settling. For whatever it can get. Go back to sleep.



Bee Hotels for Solitary Bees

You may be wondering what bees need a hotel for, when they make their own hives. The truth is that many species of bees are solitary – the do not live in hives but instead construct their own nest. The main reason for this is because in these species every female is fertile and this would not make for comfortable communal living in a hive.

Lol cute fuzzy bee in bee hotel